Monday, April 8, 2013

Meredith F

You walk into your school cafeteria for lunch and head straight to the lunch line. As soon as you get to the front of the line you feel you have made the wrong choice. This morning you chose a hotdog for lunch. Now you see that the hot dogs have green spots on them. There should be better food in school cafeterias.
One of the major reasons why there should be better cafeteria food is many students find the food unappetizing. Sometimes the hot dogs have green spots on them. The cheese on the pizza looks like it just came out of the fridge. The blueberries at the bottom of the cups are squished. If the food were more appetizing more people would buy lunch.  At one school the cafeteria added fast food to the menu because students did not like the cafeteria food 1.
Another reason why there should be better food in the cafeteria  is the cafeteria food isn't very healthy. Gym and health teachers are always saying that we should eat healthy.  How can they say that when the cafeteria is serving unhealthy food? Younger kids are more impressionable and the school should teach them healthy eating habits. At  some schools the cafeteria is feeding the students fast food 1.Schools should add more healthy options to the lunch menu and take out the unhealthy options.
If the food were better more students would buy lunch. The lunch ladies are always saying that we should buy more of the time. A lot more students would buy if the food were better in the cafeteria. When the cafeteria started to serve fast food more students bought food 1. My school probably doesn't want to go there so there should be better food served in the cafeteria. If more people bought instead of packing then less lunch boxes would go missing.
In conclusion better cafeteria food is an amazing idea. Lots of students find the food unappetizing and some of the food is unhealthy. Also getting better cafeteria food will reduce the number of lost lunch boxes because less students would pack which means less lunch boxes. Plus getting better cafeteria food would make the lunch ladies happier. Lots of people agree that better cafeteria food is a great idea .    

Monday, March 4, 2013

Meredith F

Water Around the World

        Lack of access to potable water can cause disease and even death. Potable water is fresh, clean, drinkable water. Over one billion people across the world lack access to water. Think how different life would be if you didn't have enough water. Although there is enough water in the world for everyone, there are people who don't have access to enough clean water to survive.

        The situation is terrible. Brazil and the U.S. are two of the only countries that have a decent amount of water. This situation with people not having enough clean water is really severe. This horrible problem is people not having enough potable water and they are dieing because of it. It is really severe because millions of people don't have access to enough potable water. There is only 1% of all freshwater that is useable for humans. People are dieing because they don't have enough potable water. This situation is awful and is getting worse everyday.     
        There are a lot of developing countries that don't have enough clean water. Most African countries are still developing and don't have access to enough uncontaminated water. Developing countries are countries that don't have all the technology that we have today and aren't very wealthy. Sanitizing water costs a lot of money and if a country isn't wealthy and has not developed they won't be able to sanitize any water. There are a lot of countries where there isn't enough water to support their growing nation.

        The situation is horrible but there are organizations committed to helping those who don't have access to enough potable water. Some of these organizations have different events where people can go and support this cause. These organizations save lives everyday just by giving out clean water. There are a lot of ways we can conserve water and help those who don't have enough potable water to survive. People can not waste water by watering gardens more efficiently. They can also not leave the sprinklers on when the are not in use. We can also take shorter showers.

        Although there is enough water in the world for everyone there are people who don't have access to water to survive. The situation is horrible because a lot of people don't have enough water but, there are ways we can help. We can not waste water by watering gardens more efficiently and not leaving sprinklers on for long. People may not see it but water scarcity is happening and is a serious problem.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meredith Fitzgerald

Going to School
Right or Wrong

August does have a facial deformity, but I don't think that should stop him from going to school. August is a character in the book Wonder written by R.J. Palacio. August has been home schooled since kindergarten because he has had so many surgeries. He lives with his mom, dad and his sister Via in the city. August also has a dog named Daisy. August doesnt have many friends because people are so frightened by his face.
Some people may disagree, but I think that his parents made the right decision on sending him to school at this point in his life. I think that he had a lot of fun when he was at school. Going to the nature reserve is a great example of that. August also enjoyed the egypt artifact and art project. l also think this because August has gotten a lot older and I think he can handle going into middle school and its responsibilities . I think now that he is ten that he can take that next step and go to a real school. Another upside is August would be entering fifth grade which is the first year of middle school. That would make the change easier because it would be a new school for everybody in his grade. It would also be easier because the very first year of middle school is when the groups come together. Beecher Prep (the middle school August is going to attend) is just a normal middle school with all the different classrooms and hallways.
All together I think Augusts parents sent him to school at the right time in his life. August had a lot of fun like the trip to the nature reserve and the different projects at school. He even thanked his mother for sending him to school. Plus he is getting older and I think he can handle the responsibility of middle school. August also made a lot of friends like Summer, Jack and Amos. That is something that probably never would have happened if he had stayed home.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meredith F.
Book Review: The House of the Scorpion

                  Matt is a clone. He lived in a house for six years with his caregiver, Celia. One day while Celia is at work, Matt breaks out and injures his hands and feet. The children that were watching him take him back to their house where his wounds are treated. After that he is called a dirty clone and is thrown in a room where he is mistreated. When Matt is finally let out and is living a high class life he must give up his new life in order for him to survive. He is sent on a terrible journey where he ends up in a place where he is again mistreated. When he finally breaks out with some other boys he again must go on another long journey. Once Matt is in the place he was searching for he has to save the children’s house. Will Matt save the children’s house?
                 The House of the Scorpion is a thrilling tale filled with drama and dark secrets. I think it was an incredible book. I think that there were too many characters in it. I also think that it was very long but overall it is a wonderful book.
                The House of the Scorpion is an incredible story. I recommend it for anyone who likes action packed stories. It might be a little intense for young children but it is great for preteens. The story will pull you in and you won't be able to put the book down. I give it four stars.